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CAD Documentation


Convert pencil drawings to CAD files (or document design modifications) using AutoCad, AutoCAD Inventor, and SolidWorks. Other software can be used, depending on requirements. Drawing sets can be reorganized, borders changed, etc. as needed.


Product Design, Machine Design


Beginning with the customer's rough design, construct a set of fabrication drawings to the customer's specifications. Fabrication of a prototype can also be arranged.


Structural Steel Detailing


Over the last ten years we have added a steel detailing team to our organization. We have established a track record with a number of steel fabricators and general contractors. Our experience includes detailing for a wide variety of structures in Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties, all of California and in Nevada. These projects included 3-story multi-unit residential property, business park office space, shopping centers, winery production buildings, municipal fire station, community center and custom homes.


System Design


Beginning with the customer's concept drawings and specifications, assist in the design of the system and produce a set of detailed drawings for fabrication or installation.


Engineering Technical Services


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- UPS operations, Atlanta, GA